Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hi! My name is Jake Warner. I am a biologist turned bio-informaticien. To learn more about me and my credentials, please visit my online portfolio.

This is a blog about bio-informatics with an emphasis on transcriptomics. It is meant to be a resource intended for ‘non-experts’ making their tentative steps into analysis of high-throughput data. I try to address common questions and present tools I’ve found useful often opining about their strengths and limitations. I also try and provide as much code as possible so that others can adapt this for their own use.

This is intended as an informal resource, one that is indexed in google and not behind a paywall. As such this page is not peer reviewed, but I do my best to:
  1. Provide credit for any code/ ideas that aren’t my own.
  2. Cite all relevant literature.
  3. Represent tools and concepts as accurately as possible. 

If you think I am wrong about something, PLEASE CONTACT ME so I can correct it! Please do this by emailing me or by commenting below the post.  

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